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Christopher M. Gaston
Eva Balcarová, Šimon Svoboda
Název instituce:
Mateřská škola a Základní škola U vrbiček s.r.o., Praha 4
Stručný popis:
These 4 action paintings titled, “Mine+Yours=Ours” was a creative painting experiment involving 31 elementary students in grades 1 through 6 using tempera on paper. The first group of students in grades 4 and 6 engaged in a fun and creative activity using brushes, sponges, and their hands to splatter and drip paint to create the first layer which resulted in a wide range of textures and patterns on the paper. After a day of drying the second group of students, grades 1 through 3 painted over with gold, silver, and black using brushes attached to long willow sticks and by throwing sponges soaked in paint onto the paper.
The use of brushes attached to long sticks and throwing sponges soaked in the paint allowed a freer, more expressive style of painting with bold, gestural marks and splatters. The combination of colors, including gold and silver, created a sense of shimmer and shine, adding an extra dimension to their artwork. Overall, these paintings explored the creativity and spontaneity of students experimenting with new materials and techniques and expressing a range of emotions and ideas through color, form, and movement.
Also, splattering paint and other action-based techniques was a great way for students to express themselves freely, without worrying about creating realistic or representational images. It also encouraged experimentation and risk-taking, as the process was more about exploring the materials and techniques than creating a finished product.
Počet zúčastněných:
7 - 13
Forma a počet prací zasílaných na přehlídku:
1 painting 88 x 175 cm, 1 painting 200 x 83.5 cm, 1 painting 106 x 130 cm, 1 painting 105.5 x 149 cm.